Fox Island Biodiversity Project

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Jan 05 2021

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Bumblebee on crocus

When I read about loss of biodiversity, it’s usually in an article rainforests or other remote areas of the Earth with exotic birds and insects. This leads to the perception that many of us who live in urban, suburban, or semi-rural settings having nothing with which to concern ourselves. Most of our listed species are charismatic megafauna such as hawks or salmon or wolverines, unlikely to be seen in our neighborhoods. Others are arthropods of which we’ve never heard. We focus instead on the few common species that we see around us, and either ignore or kill the rest.

This perception grows from our size and rank in world. We see what is common and readily identified, and what is useful to us. We also have a granular view of the world; we see individuals, but not the relationships among them. The world is a web that is largely invisible to us.