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The rainy season has come early it seems. Usually, the Northwest rainy season is heralded by a sudden tranisition from Indian summer to a week of steady downpour, just to get you accustomed to what’s to come. This year, it began with a series of rainy, cloudy days in August backed up by harder rains in early September.

I had a friend here once who had been raised in LA and moved to Olympia. When he returned to LA a decade later, he spoke of having to put away the pills and sharp objects to make it through the winters here. I was born here, but forays to other places have reinforced the fact that much of my depression over the years was probably enhanced by the grey winters here. This time, living in the midst of 20 acres of lots to do, I hope that it won’t hit me so yard. Anyway, the rain brings an enforced respite from my grueling landscaping schedule. Now I have time to draw, to write, and to generate the landscape designs that I hope to use in my future business. Classes start again in late September, and there is antique refinishing and crafts that I want to do. 

No matter how I face it, though, I miss the sun, the heat, and the long days spent doing nothing but work. After so many years behind a desk, it is all that I want to do. Intellectually, I read fanatically and enjoy writing, but there is a freedom in wielding the hoe, hauling the wood, replanting one thousand day lilies, taking on a blackberry thicket with pruners. It is a relaxing rhythm for me. The grey days ahead will be a challenge.

Season of rain

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